I am Emmanuel

A Creative Software Engineer

About me

I'm a Creative Software Engineer. I combine my experience as a Software engineer with Data Science skills to build Data Driven Applications.

Programming Languages and Technologies:

Python, JavaScript, Django, Django Rest Framework, FastAPI, Reactjs, PostgreSQL, Mongodb, TypeScript, Docker, AWS, Machine Learning, GIT, scikit-learn, Tensorflow, Node.js, Next.js


OCR and Summarize Web App

A web application text extracts text from an image and summarizes the text for you.

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Toxic Comment Detector API

An API that detects if a comment is toxic or not

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Malaria Parasite Specie Classifier

Classify malaria parasites by specie



Winner Sea Turtle Rescue: Error Detection Challenge! -

Built system to help Kenyan non-profit organization "Local Ocean Conservation" identify potential errors and anomalies in their sea turtle rescue database.

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Winner AI Art Challenge on Zindi -

Produced master music piece leveraging Artificial Intelligence

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Blog Posts

Build an OCR and SUMMARIZE Webapp using pytesseract, gensim, and Django

In this tutorial, we are going to build a web app that will extract text from an image and give a summary of the ocred text using gensim library.

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Testing in Software Development

In this article, you will learn what Software Testing is, the Importance of Software Testing, How to implement a Unit Test for your Software

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Build a Todo API backend using Generic class-based views in Django Rest Framework

We will build a to-do API backend using Django Rest Framework. We will be able to create, read, update and delete to-dos.

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How to use mixins, Viewsets & Routers to create a Todo API in Django Rest Framework

In this article, we will see how to use mixins, Viewsets & Routers to create the same Todo API.

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Develop an e-Commerce Store using Django for Beginners

Develop an e-Commerce store where users can add items to a cart and make payment

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How to Contribute to Open Source Project

In this article, you will learn to contribute to open-source projects on the Internet

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Contact Me:     emmamichael65 at gmail dot com